We assist in contract mobilisation and transition to steady-state, successful operations

Mobilisation and Transition

Post win, the team supports clients throughout the whole cycle of a project by:

  • Overseeing the mobilisation of the contract and the transition to steady state operations.
  • Providing internal assurance of performance and sustainability.
  • Acting as a 3rd party for both our clients and their customers to provide assurance of contractual and regulatory compliance.
  • Providing an interim management capability.
  • Assisting in identifying the right permanent people for your key roles.

Operational Support and Leadership

We understand large commercial and public sector operations. IWH can:

  • Ensure internal governance processes are developed and/or optimised.
  • Advise on management issues, best practice, workforce optimisation, TUPE and incentivisation regimes to ensure they clients are optimally configured to deliver their commitments.

Corporate Governance

We work with our clients to build the right capabilities within their organisations. IWH can:

  • Benchmark against international standards and best practice.
  • Assist in identifying and compiling the necessary evidence for accreditation and past performance.
  • Optimising internal governance processes.
  • Advising and implementing the necessary accreditations required by clients.

Security and Cyber

IWH can advise on security issues across varied sectors:

  • Supply chain.
  • Maritime.
  • Counter-terrorism.
  • Cyber Security and GDPR.

Customer Relationship Management

The team can:

  • Help clients to develop strong relationships based on structured engagement and dialogue, strong marketing and communications.
  • Identify, implement and optimise the right CRM system.
  • Harmonise new and established CRM systems with capture and business development activities.

Complex Environments and Highly Regulated Sectors

IWH can help you navigate the complexity of highly regulated sectors such as:

  • Maritime.
  • Aviation.
  • UN and International Aid.
  • Security and Cyber.
  • Civil Nuclear.