We help companies to stabilise their operations, audit and introduce ways of achieving efficiencies and continuous improvements

Continuous Improvement

Following successful mobilisation we:

  • Remain with our clients to ensure that their operations are running optimally.
  • Implement continuous improvement regimes.
  • Work to identify and develop innovative operational and technology solutions.
  • Work independently to provide assurance to both clients and their customers that contractual requirements are monitored and delivered.

Strategy Development and Planning

The IWH team:

  • Develops strategies and plans to optimise current operations.
  • Assists in developing new markets and services.
  • Identifies the right strategic partners.
  • Conducts strategic reviews of organisations and/or sectors.
  • Draft governance regimes and policies that underpin clients’ offerings.
  • Help clients prepare their products and service for market.

Marketing and Communications

The team can:

  • Help communicated your strategy, vision and values to your team.
  • Ensure that this is reflected in marketing and online content.
  • Identify, enhancing and collating relevant marketing and proposal collateral such as past performance, testimonials, lessons identified, graphics and boilerplate copy, to provide an indexed, central online repository for future use.

Change, Programme and Risk Management

IWH can:

  • Facilitate change management to clients’ organisations.
  • Manage large, complex programmes, either on an interim or retained basis.
  • Undertake reviews of proposals, governance and procurement documentation and policies.
  • Advise on the risks associated with your operations.

Innovation, Creativity and Technology

Using our large and varied network of subject matter experts, IWH can:

  • Provide innovative and creative advice across the whole scope of our client’s businesses.
  • Introduce technology solutions into services to maximise efficiency and change existing paradigms.