We help companies win new work in complex environments and highly regulated sectors


Opportunity Identification

Time wasted pursuing unwinnable opportunities is an all-too-common drain on resources. IWH assists in:

  • Finding the right opportunities for our clients.
  • Structured business development activities.
  • APMP accredited capture management techniques.
  • Practical, accredited bid qualification methodologies that streamline essential governance and maintain the focus on winnable, deliverable opportunities.

Bid Support

IWH develops responsive, compliant proposals that win new work. The team provides:

  • APMP accredited proposal management techniques.
  • Detailed analysis of tender documentation.
  • Subject matter expertise combined with a practiced eye for detail.
  • A creative, consultative approach to proposal development.
  • Close, structured collaboration across technical, operational and pricing disciplines.

Proposal Team Building and Augmentation

The team can:

  • Model the most cost effective, in-house capability.
  • Identify strong candidates across the capture, proposal, graphics and pricing disciplines.
  • Develop and implement review regimes and SOPs.
  • Agree commercial arrangements with printing and logistics companies to assist in timely, accurate production of proposal capital.
  • Augment your existing organisations to provide subject matter expertise and accredited tendering and proposal advice.

Procurement Advice

IWH examines client requirements, both from their perspective and from their potential suppliers. We:

  • Set appropriate tender criteria.
  • Develop PQQ questions and tender briefing material.
  • Assist with supplier evaluation and shortlisting.
  • Develop ITN documentation.
  • Assist in contract negotiation and award.

Business Development and Sales

The team can:

  • Ensure that your business development and sales activities are suitable to deliver your strategic aims and forecasted revenue.
  • Help to focus on pipeline and win rates to inform the direction and scale of your business development efforts.
  • Assist in analysing your target sector and potential clients, mapping your company’s offerings, identifying and articulating your USPs and differentiators, designing engagement plans, determining win themes for individual opportunities and shaping your value proposition.

Solution Design/Architecture

IWH will:

  • Work closely with your team to develop the right solutions for your customers.
  • Design innovative, sustainable and scalable solutions that are compliant, responsive and cost-effective in meeting your customers’ exacting requirements.
  • Provide forums to quickly and effectively determine and test CONOPS.